Features of application of potassium fertilizers
The article considers the features and nuances in the application of potash fertilizers, taking into account the types of soils and crops to which they are applied.
Cherkasy "Azot" completed the modernization of the ammonia production plant
At Cherkasy-based Azot, part of the Group DF group of nitrogen enterprises, the modernization of the A-5 ammonia production plant has been completed. Investments amount to UAH 22.28 million.
The President of Ukraine signed changes to the agricultural insurance system
According to the report, the signed law is designed to ensure the financial stability of producers in adverse weather conditions, to increase the number of insured agricultural land and expand the insurance market for such products.
Prices for fertilizers are maximum
Lack of supply, strong demand, high freight rates and rising raw material prices have primarily contributed to the increase in fertilizer prices in recent months.
Land reform in action: the most important issues of change in land management
The transfer of state lands to communities is an important and historic process. Territorial communities will be able to provide better control and management of land, and revenues to local budgets will improve the welfare of towns and villages. However, after many years of chaotic centralized governance, the shadow economy and corrupt schemes, people have forgotten how to be masters of their own land and have many questions and even fears about land reform. This document collects the most popular and important issues that arise in communities regarding land legislation. Experts on land issues, lawyers, and specialists of the State Geocadastre undertook to give answers.
Ukraine to raise grain production by 10-15% in 2021 - expert
The production of grain crops can grow by 10-15% in Ukraine in 2021, declared the Chairman of the Board of KSG Agro, Sergey Kasyanov.